Your own custom shade: The Lip Lounge

I’ve always seen bespoke lip lounges overseas, and have attempted to get through the hoards of people to try it for myself, but seeing that The Lip Lounge opened in The Colombo got me WAY too excited.

In case you’ve missed it, custom makeup is a THING. Places like Bite Beauty, who have a lab in Toronto, allow you to customise your own shade of lipstick, including the finish, scent and name! Closer to home, The Lip Lab in Paddington, NSW, caters for custom Lip lovers and now offers BYO (Blend Your Own) foundation to match your skin tone and type.

The concept both excited and frightened me, being such a picky perfectionist with my beauty choices. Nevertheless, Stacey and I went along last Friday to try it out.

The current store is a Pop-Up, located just outside ABODE homewares and Zip Me Up at the Colombo Mall in Sydenham. They recommend booking in advance, however also allow for walk ins where they can.

The first step in the process is making your colour (sounds simple, right….) however is the most time consuming part, and the bit that freaked me the most. I took in my current favourite lip shade, Nicki’s Nude by MAC x Nicki MINAJ, and was looking for a slightly lighter shade for the summer.

There’s a HUGE range of pigments to choose from, and your ‘artist’ uses a fancy calibrator to mix the perfect amount of each.

Once you’ve nailed your shade, you add your ‘filling’! You can choose from matte, creme, butter or a natural vegan base. I went with the creme base, which in my opinion is similar to the MAC satins or the NARS audacious range!

In addition, you can add a SCENT (*screams*) and additives like lip plumper or sunscreen! Stacey and I spent foreeeeever deciding on our scent, they literally have EVERYTHING! In the end we both went for Pink Champagne, though it was a tough choice between that and peach.

Once that’s all been blended together, the artist liquifies the formula and pours it into a mould (lol you guessed it, you can choose different moulds too!) and the lipstick semi-sets.

While you wait, you name your lipstick, choose your bullet shape (I went with a classic) and can have a wee nosey around their pre-made shades. You will need to set your lipstick in the fridge at home overnight before you use it so it’s set right through.

All up the lipstick costs $45-50 depending on what you add, and takes roughly 30 minutes. I tried my lipstick out the following day whilst freelancing and I was pretty impressed! The colour was AWESOME, pretty exact to what I was looking for. The formula had a medium-wear time. It didn’t shift too quickly but I did choose the creme shade so I knew it would wear off (it lasted 2 hours of talking non stop).

All in all I’d definitely recommend it for the experience, it would be such a cool thing to do with a friend/family member or kids if you have them!

With love,

Kas x

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