My Travel Makeup bag featuring The Cosmetic Box

This part of holiday packing is ALWAYS the hardest. How the HELL do I dwindle down my entire life collection (see below) into a small bag that I bubble wrap the crap out of and nurture like my own child.

I start off with a good bag. I’ve used a few over the years, namely my Victoria Secret trio (which was too big) my MAC makeup bag (too small) and now I’m onto one by The Cosmetic Box.

I LOVE this because it’s tall without being wide- it stands my products up without them all rattling round in my suitcase. It fits just enough, but not too much that I overpack and I’m not gonna lie, I’m goddamn in LOVE with it! + it’s got a cute little baby sister!!

First things first, I’ve got a MAC small brush roll tucked in perfectly along with a food container that sits my lipsticks up out of the way. This way once the bag is closed, there’s no negative space for my beloved glass Pro Longwear Concealer to rattle around and SMASH (it’s happened one tooooo many times).

In my brush roll I have approximately 20 brushes. Brands include Real Techniques, Benefit, MAC, Vera Mona and ELF.

I try to minimise my face brushes as I use a beauty blender for my base and only take one blusher and bronzer so won’t need to be changing colours. You’ll notice these are WELL loved and semi-destroyed *cue eyes looking to that top left lol* so I’ll be looking to replace some on my travels!

My favourite lip colours sit in some cheap plastic cube on top of my powders. I’ve managed to narrow this down although the likelihood of me changing these colours up 4 minutes before I depart is VERY high.

Packed at the moment are MAC Dynasty Red (LE), MAC Doe, ColourPop minis in shades that I can’t remember, Dose Of Colours No Shade, MAC N-U-D-E and Mellow Cosmetics in Paris (I think….)

This gives me plenty of options in the nudes and red spectrum and is all I’ll need because it’s a holiday and it’s not time to branch out 😂

tucked in well is the remainder of my face products. I keep my makeup as minimal as possible on holiday- the main things I take into account are the longevity I'll need it for and the type of weather I'll be in. For this trip, I've packed a combination of super light makeup for shopping days and some heavier bases for beach trips or long adventures. I'm also visiting both ends of California, so the variation in temperature will be pretty significant too!

I've packed essentials- with the intention of probably buying more. My favourite primers are Becca Backlight Priming Filter and the First Aid Beauty Coconut Soothing Primer. Foundations packed include MAC Face and Body and Pro Longwear Nourishing along with COVER FX shade adjusting drops to cater to a *hopeful* tan. Among concealers and other goodies I've also made sure to include two SPF products. I've packed a mini Mecca Sunbrella Superspray and a little bottle of their Mineral Gel Cream with SPF. I've been burnt far too many times on holiday and I'm determined not to get a smack on the hand from my beautician when I get home!

ucts include bronzers by MAC and Benefit, a cream bronzer/highlight by MAC, Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Taupe to contour and define, MAC Warm Soul Blush and Studio Fix Powder along with Oh, Darling! highlight and Dose Of Colours highlight in Fuego. These products are my essentials back home and I don't very often change these up too much!

've included the Tartlette in Bloom palette for my pinky warm shades and the Viseart Neutral Mattes for my orange based shadows and a few cooler ones too. Then I have an array of MAC liners in Lingering (for my brows), Subculture lip liner, NC20 Chromagraphic, Coffee and Cherry lipliner. I've also popped in the Stila glitter in Kitten Karma and a selection of mascaras and brow gels!

ention also goes to my mini toiletries bag! I'm super lucky that I'm visiting the boyf so I needn't worry about soap, shampoo etc, however I've tucked in my favourite skincare products in mini tubes, along with tanning essentials, jewellery, skincare and a few hair products. The tiny bag ROCKS because a) it hangs up!!!! and b) can you see all the lil pockets! There's so much more room in this than I initially thought! Mega impresso.

t helps you pack for your next trip away and you enjoyed the wee nosey into my travel bags! It's time to go quickly switch out some lip colours before I jet off.

In love,

Kasia xxx

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