Bite Sized Beauty: My In-Flight Routine

After a landslide vote on the good old insta stories, I worked out that an in-flight routine is something you would all want a sneak peek into.

Firstly, let me clear confusion, I am not a travel extraordinare. I don’t talk about flying for a living, I’ve just done my fair share of it with my skin in mind.

A bit of background: I fly Christchurch to Los Angeles twice a year to visit my boyf, which involves around 15-18 hours of travel including layovers in Auckland and the HORRENDOUS customs at LAX. I probably spend about 13 hours of this in a pressurised cabin with recycled air…. ick.

I’ve compiled a list of things that I pack in my tiny quart sized clear bag that semi-save your skin from turning into a piece of stale bread.
*just roll with that super strange analogy thx x


I’ve used a million ‘clear’ bags in the last few years, the name brand (Glad sandwich bags), the one-that-comes-with-the-mini-shampoos (from Kmart), the On-The-Fly (Sephora) and the Go-See’s (MAC). In reality the bag means shit, as long as its sturdy and as big as the airline will allow.


  • Body Wipes: I use the Get Fresh Libra ones, and before you cringe into the next decade, I don’t use them for their purpose. I use them to wipe my hands, pits and neck before I get off the plane (I figured if they’re safe for your hoo-ha then they are a great addition for your body)
  • Face Wipes: is this self explanatory? I make sure before I go away that I almost finish a pack and then stash it away. This one probably only has 5 left. I use these as soon as I board before I start masking, then just before I land to clear off any residue.
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste: If you’re flying Air New Zealand you can request minis like these from the amenities section on your screen. Alternatively I have seen them at Kmart. I probably brush my teeth 1876 times during the flight because plane air is icky x1000.
  • Contacts case: if you wear contacts this is a must, I take my contacts out the minute I get on the plane or I may aswell keep my eyes shut forever more because they dry up so bad. If you don’t wear contacts, these are super handy for holding your rings should your fingers swell.
  • Dry Shampoo: ABSOLUTE MUST. My hair gets super flat and gross looking about 4 minutes into a flight, so I dash a little of this into the roots before I land and I may aswell have got an airport blow-wave. This one in particular, The Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder, isn’t in aerosol form so doesn’t smell quite as strong as your regular Batiste.
  • A good face mask: I took on board a Skinstitut sample and already swear by it. You want something dense and creamy that won’t soak into your skin over the duration. The mask goes on 30 mins into the flight and comes off 30 mins before descent. You want it to feel like a protective barrier against the nasties in the cabin.
  • A really good moisturiser: Once you land, your skin will scream for proper air and hydration and you better serve it on a silver platter. I use the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream in a thick layer and let it absorb right after I remove my mask. This one has been formulated for dry, sensitive skin so is a good dose of TLC to your poor face (& bod!!)
  • Lip balm: another essential. My absolute favourite is the Elizabeth Arden 8-hr cream, its super thick and protective, however it stinks. I apply that one before I cat-nap, and use the Ashley & Co Lip Punch during meals and movie times.
  • Deodorant/Fragrance: The Rexona aerosol spray isn’t pictured but I’ll pack that, and a rollerball of Black Opium to freshen up before landing. It also helps if you misread the board at Auckland Airport and RUN to your flight only to get there and they haven’t even started boarding yet. Not that that’s ever happened to me….
  • Hand cream or body lotion: much like your face, the rest of you will dry out too. Keep the body hydrated with something yummy. I use the Ashley & Co Hand Cream and add a lil to my elbows, knees, ankles etc (this sounds like a fake tanning regime)
  • A Mist: BY GOD PLEASE PACK A MIST!! So important to keep the air around you *moist*. I spray this approximately every 2.5 seconds, to keep me feeling fresh and to wake myself up on the tail end of bed time. The one I usually pack is MAC Fix + or Mineralise Charged Water.
  • A sheet mask: mainly for fun and to kill some time, but also for its purpose. I love the under eye ones because you don’t look like a killer zombie to the kids around you… Anything super hydrating and nourishing does the trick. This is the Sephora Honey Eye Mask and I’ll use this just after my nap to wake me up and rehydrate my designer bags.

And that’s it! I’ll also have packed an eye mask, ear plugs, sleeping tablets, headphones and the etcetera but I’m still constantly adding and removing from my carry on beauty bag. I don’t personally apply makeup before I land anymore because meh, but I’ve got great travel makeup tips coming if they’re not already up!

Happy flying,

Kas xx

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