Oh, November.

There’s a month in every year that just makes you go ohhhh.

That month where EVERYTHING seems to coincide so perfectly that all of a sudden your brain can’t cope but your heart is over flowing.

There’s a million good things balanced with a million bad things and you’re just left sighing and waving it farewell as you roll around to the next one.

November was my ‘oh..’ month. I’m not entirely sure what I achieved but a heck of a lot seems to have happened.

I took a quick trip to Auckland and spent some time with some really good friends, which was ultimately meant to set the tone for a very relaxed month in the lead up to Christmas. I then came full speed ahead back to Christchurch and hit the ground running. Since then everything has been touch and go and I’ve found myself pretty damn overwhelmed with the world around me. I made myself a promise on the 10th of November that I would glide into my 20th year as happy as I could be. I then followed that up with a total public meltdown when I realised that all of a sudden, life had gotten too much.

I’m proud of myself, I managed to follow up on my promise and I’m ending November with the foresight of a much more relaxed and manageable December (lol that never happens though…). So here’s your daily reminder that sometimes you need to be selfish, crazy and just goddamn hopeful- take a chance on yourself and cross every finger that things will work out, because the world has this crazy way of just figuring shit out.

I’ll live and I’ll learn, and this month I’ve learnt a fair few things that I’d love to share- I hope you’ve already had your ‘oh’ month for 2017 and you’ve got your wine glass ready to toast away the year that has been.

Until next time,

Kas xx


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