Bondi vs Le Tan

In typical ‘do it for the gram’ fashion, over the last week and a bit I’ve been trialling BOTH Bondi Sands and Le Tan fake tans.. it’s resulted in some weird looks, half of a body being a totally different shade of bronze and a HECK of a lot of scrubbing.

Call me crazy, but it was totally worth it. Read more below babes xx

Le Tan Uber Dark in Violet vs Bondi Sands Ultra Dark

* in all images, Le Tan is on the left and Bondi on the right


Both tans were applied using a tanning mitt (I used the Loving Tan one for Bondi Sands because I HATE the Bondi Sands Mitt) and were evenly spread with only one coat. The tans were applied on the same night to freshly showered skin with no moisturisers. I slept in both tans using my Tanzee so when I speak of transfer I am speaking from past experiences.

Bondi Sands: Bondi has always applied well, going on streak free with a reasonably long time before it dries to give you wiggle room while you blend. The guide colour isn’t too dark but does throw very green undertones. Bondi stays sticky (and smells very strongly of coconut) for at least an hour or so. Bondi also transfers BADLY to clothing and sheets before it’s washed off.

Le Tan: Because I own the violet base, the guide colour is instant and VERY dark. You don’t get as much time to work with this one, so you have to work in smaller sections and quickly. There is little to no smell, it dries within 20 minutes and no sheet transfer whatsoever. I do find that the guide colour tends to stick badly to dry patches but evens up when you wash it off.

The Morning After:

Both tans were slept in overnight and washed off in a lukewarm shower until the water ran clear. I then pat myself dry and moisturise with Vaseline Cocoa Glow in the spray bottle and The Perfumers Mnoga Oils on any drier areas (elbows, knees and ankles).

Bondi Sands: a LOT of the colour washed off with Bondi, apparent in its murky green nature as it splashed everywhere. That being said, the tan was still dark and developed. The colour is very green based and looked dark.

Le Tan: not as much guide colour washed off, and the tan was definitely more of a violet undertone. I find that this doesn’t develop as dark but continues to develop for another 4-6 hours. Super even tan.

How did it wear:

By day one it was already apparent why Bondi Sands goes by ‘ULTRA dark’. It had gone much darker, but still had that offset green tone. I did have a little dry skin go really gross on my Bondi arm and a bit on my ankle. The Le Tan was smooth but definitely not ‘uber’ dark.

I moisturised religiously for the first 3 days (then I got lazy- sue me) and noticed no major areas of concern with wear & tear. By about day 4 the tans started to look reasonably different as Le Tan faded (evenly I might add) and Bondi stayed a slightly darker shade.

A week on:

I wouldn’t normally leave my tan on for more than 5 or 6 days, but I’ve dragged this one out to exactly a week for *science*.

My hands are GROSS on both sides but Bondi in particular has proven to be very dry and scaly. I work with a lot of alcohol and cleansers in my job so my hands do get very dry but it’s apparent which shouldn’t be your hand-tan (!!!)

Both tans have worn slightly around my armpits, Bondi more significantly, and both around my ankles too.

Le Tan has virtually disappared on the inside of my elbow and back of my knees (sweaty spots) but has stayed even and faded well everywhere else.

Bondi has gone super patchy around my chest area, where my necklace sits and on the inside of my chicken wing (upper arm lol)

The dreaded removal..

I hate removing fake tan, regardless of brand or formula. It’s that crap end of weekend job but always goes something along the lines of this:

Run hot bath – Add LUSH Sex Bomb – Add BUBBLES (!!) – Soak with a book in hand for approximately 90 minutes – Scrub with exfoliating mitt and Sugar Cube Co scrubs – Buff dry with a towel – moisturise.

Bondi Sands: pesky little thing. Almost impossible to get off and I’m left with olive green elbows and knees. Removes best from the softest parts of your skin using harsh scrubbing motions.

Le Tan: a dream compared to Bondi, but still a little tough on the dry bits. Enough said..

The final verdict:

As per anything I say, I strongly encourage you to do your own research on these products before you buy.

In love and tan!!

Kasia xx

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