The White Smile Company

My teeth have been a long, awful journey for me through my teenage years.

I had severe overcrowding when I was in primary school which (simply put) meant my teeth were all over the place and the little buggers had to fight for space.

I was lucky that my parents blessed me with braces during high school, but with that came awful teeth staining. It sucks to get your braces off and have the MOST amazing new smile but your years of Coke Zero have finally caught up to you..

Anywho, LONG story put short, late last year Terri from The White Smile Company and I met up to talk TEETH. Terri has been in the biz for a jolly long time now so knows a thing or two about your molars and their mates. Terri ran me through what she does and the results it has, as well as what I should expect and how my teeth would feel.

I was HELLA nervous, I won’t lie to you. I’ve always read horror stories about this kind of treatment and my dentist scares the living daylights out of me. I had flashes of ‘omg my teeth are all going to fall out’ and ‘they’ll rot’ and all that bull..

spoiler alert: nothing bad happened. at all.

I met with Terri at her home studio, which was a) conveniently around the road from me and b) decorated exactly like my makeup studio (hah!!) and she made me comfortable and got me started on what we were going to do.

I watched a clip on an iPad of Terri explaining what the procedure does, how the aftercare works and then signed some waivers about what I was about to do.

Terri then matched my current tooth shade to a chart so that we were able to see how white I got. She prepared all her fancy tools and machines while I lay down very, very relaxed.

Before we started whitening, Terri moulded my teeth to send away for my custom made trays. I picked the trays option because a) they’re CUSTOM, which means they wrap perfectly around every tooth, unlike most other home whitening brands and b) I wanted to be able to spruce my teeth up as they fade or if I have a special event coming up.

We then got onto the whitening process, which took just over one hour. My teeth were whitened using a laser machine (in case you can’t see that in the massive photos lol) in periods, with breaks in between in which Terri checked on their status and altered as needed.

During the treatment I felt no pain at ALL, the light can be harsh on your poor lips (especially if they’re sunburnt…whoops) so Terri lathers them up with Vaseline which works a treat! If anything, the light felt a little tingly but nothing to concern me.

The laser was over quickly, and then you’re DONE! Terri ran me through my trays and my follow up steps and I got home to quickly snap some pics!

You have to follow a few after care instructions for the first 24-48 hours (like not brushing your teeth for 24 hours which was the most difficult part of the whole experience!) and avoiding dark or coloured foods. Terri provided me with a list of foods and drinks I could consume, which listed Vodka, Malibu and Gin as 3 of the options- A OK with me!!

I was given 2 syringes of home whitening gel and my trays took just over a week to arrive with Terri. You can begin using the trays instantly, every night for about 2 weeks until you got to the shade you want, but I was instantly happy with the shade I went so I only used them for 3 nights to begin. Following this, I’ve then been popping them in for about an hour every 2 or 3 weeks to spruce them up!

My whole experience with The White Smile Company has been nothing short of amazing. I’m so so happy with my teeth, Terri’s warmth and hospitality and how the whole process went.
I totally understand why this is something that would freak you out (because I did… a lot) but everything went so smoothly and I will 100% be back!

In love, white teeth and huge smiles,

Kas xx

PS. Terri has a discounted offer for my followers when you mention I sent you

  • Get 1 hour of Laser Teeth Whitening for $175 (normally 350)
  • Get Custom Made Trays for $200 (normally $400)
  • GET BOTH for $300!

*I was not paid to talk about TWSC or write this blog post but my services were free.

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