Start where you are.

For the first time in a long time, I woke up inspired. I got some good news, shared some bad, and reflected on how well they balance each other out.

I then scrolled down the all-holy Instagram feed to a post by Dream Catcher Events up in Auckland.

The post read:

In a day where ideas stem from what seems like nowhere, where for some god-awful reason numbers dictate who and what you are, and in a day where comparing yourself to others is as addictive as smoking was for our ‘rents, this saying couldn’t be more true.

It’s always been known that the stronger your will power, the more determined your soul and the more push you’ve got behind you- will be the making of you. Whether that be you as a person, you as a business or you and your family.

Today that is more apparent than ever- in a world where people sprout from nothing, and take over the world before you know it, if there’s one word of advice i have it’s to take your idea, stop dreaming about it and just bloody well do it. 

So make 2018 the year of you- start doing what you wish you did last year. Utilise your people, your skills and your talents and get going. Work so hard on it so that one day you can sit back and view your path and be damn well proud of how far you’ve come.

Do it,

Kas xx

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