Hi! I’m Kasia and I’m the CEO & Founder of Kasia Stanicich. I got the promotion when the biz began back in 2016.

Because my boss is lazy, I’m also the entire social team, the marketing executive, the receptionist, accounts lady, administrative babe, content creator and coffee maker.

I work 24/7 while everyone else in this ‘hotel’ sleeps.

All jokes aside, 2018 was the year I officially dumped my 9-5 and set foot into the world of working for MYSELF- AHHHHHHH.

I’ve learnt a lot in the last month and a half- and I know I’m only half way to the realisation that this kinda stint is HELLA fun, but I’ve also found myself in a few challenges and slumps.

Welcome to what my life is like now.. in 5 simple points.

1. “What do you do all day” will be your most asked question.

Haha. I love this one, and I sympathise because I used to wonder so let me help you and break it down a little. It’s currently a Monday morning and I have woken up, got ‘ready’ and had breakfast. I’m now perched on the living room table writing this blog post and editing another, then I am heading upstairs to shoot some content for a client. I then have 2 makeovers for various occasions, after that I have to schedule some content for a client. Around 2.30pm I’ll head out to pick up some kids I look after then I answer emails,  follow up invoices, post content to both my social channels and reply to DM’s and comments. Tonight I’m then heading to the Noodle Markets with friends because YUM.

So, my day isn’t full- but it sure as hell isn’t slow…

In amongst my obvious job as a freelance MUA, I also contract for 2 businesses to manage their social channels, I create photo content for brands (makeup, skincare, everything) for them to post on their own channels, I do school pickup for the cutest kids and most importantly, I build my brand on the daily. What I mean by that, is I do everything in my creative power to come up with blog posts, stories and instagram content that you guys will LOVE, which will in turn will *hopefully* help to grow my pages until I can do that more frequently!

2. You’re going to want a ROUTINE.

I’ve been in a routine since day dot. More recently, I have been working a full time job Sunday-Thursday and freelancing on my days off. This has meant my life has always been straightforward, simple and organised (albeit a really over-run machine).

Since leaving my full time job, I have found it SUPER hard to work with purpose. I know I have all the time in the day, and often found myself ‘sleeping in’ till 10am (i.e. scrolling) and working till 10pm. I knew this was MEGA bad for me and for my productivity, even though I am my cleverest at night, so I found myself a routine.

I’ve started picking a friends kids up from school most days at 3pm. While this seems really stupid for a 20 year old ‘semi’ self-employed gal to be saying, this simple act has meant that I HAVE to have the bulk of my work done by 2.30pm every week day. No sleeping in, lunch has to be consumed around lunch time, and I have already found it 800 times easier to get work done. I initially considered getting a part time job, maybe Monday- Wednesday (could still happen) but for the time being, I want to be available most days for freelance bookings to really get this show on the road.

Whatever your routine, make sure you have one. I’m hoping to eventually commit myself to some form of exercise most mornings to add to this new routine, but we will see how that goes hahaha…. (if I write it down I might actually do it!!!)

3. It’s lonely- as heck

Good LORD. I have worked in a huge team since day one of my first job. In addition, I’ve also been in retail and hospitality so I’ve always been people facing. While this has SUCKED at the best of times, and my eye roll is the best of the best, I sure as hell miss working with and for people all day. Work, for most, is hugely social and I have met some of my closest through my past jobs.

Now, the tables have turned and my best mates are my fridge and my Mum. HAHAH. I’m kidding- kind of. I’ll always have a person to interact with most days but it was a huge shock working in a big empty house rather than a bustling mall.

That being said, I’m super lucky to be immersed in my social channels and everything that comes with it- some of them being the most amazing and supportive friendships. Theres nothing quite like bouncing your ideas of similar minded people, and I’ll be forever grateful that most of my internet friends are now my IRL friends too (*heart eyes*).

4. Everything improves.

I struggled, for a really long time, to keep amazing friends, to spend time with my family and to focus more on myself. I struggled to keep in contact with my boyfriend (who lives half way across the world) and I kept losing touch with myself. It got to the point where shit was almost scary- and not a lot of stuff scares me.

I made a huge decision in December that put me first- I didn’t think about what it would do for my family and my friends- but I’m really glad I did it.
I spend more time with the people that matter to me, and even if I can’t do that, I’m doing my best to make sure they know I care. I’ve always been one to try and focus on that (TRY), and 2018 will be the year that I will do it best.

It also meant that I finally got to relax, listen to my psychotic mind and calm down. I took some quiet time off with some close friends, and that’s something I aim to do at least once a quarter now. Whilst I’m now working harder than ever (in a really round about way), there’s nothing quite like quiet time away from everything.

5. It’s likely to be the best thing I have ever done.

Now, this one I won’t know for sure until I really have it up and running. But so far, the positives of this move have FAR outweighed the negatives.

I left my job to build my brand. I left because I was over-working, under-sleeping and losing touch with what I loved. It’s tough to do what you love 7 days a week, especially when you’re not doing it for yourself. It’s also tough to leave an amazing, stable job to ‘wing the heck out of it’ and hope for the best. The way I saw it, pressure makes diamonds- and I was under no pressure to better myself the way I was going. I was focused on bettering others, and while this is a passion of mine, bettering myself is one amazing ride.

If you back yourself, and you have people that back you too, you’re capable of wonderful things.

In love,

Kasia x


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