FOOD | your guide to Christchurch

Wow wow wow. What can I say. I LOVE food, but more importantly, I LOVE eating out.

It’s the most social part of my week, especially because I work from home and don’t drink a lot, so I look forward to a good lunch date ALL OF THE TIME!

In the last year or so I feel like I’ve become ‘one’ with the few restaurants/cafe’s on this list- they never fail me, they’re a solid recommendation and they’re my locals- AND they’re in no particular order.

Welcome, and enjoy, my guide to food in Christchurch. XX

UNCOMMON– 262 Tuam Street

Beautiful and clean, a favourite because a) I know and LOVE the owners, and b) it’s flippin delicious. Uncommon is easy to get to, there is a Wilson’s Parking lot across the road and their service is attentive but relaxed. I could spend hours here on my laptop working, or quickly run in for cabinet food on my way to a job. It’s been a favourite since Day 1, and Tash and Scott alter the menu seasonally so it’s probably going to be a favourite forever.

MY TOP 3: Peach and Prosciutto Salad, The Breakfast Board and Smashed Avo

UNKNOWN CHAPTER– 254 St Asaph Street

A lot more hustle-bustle, Unknown is a louder cafe known for their coffee (which I don’t drink haha..). You order at the counter, so the service is less personalised but the food is so damn good you won’t notice. Their cabinet food deserves a bloody HUGE mention too, although I’m unlikely to get it because of their amazing menu options.

MY TOP 3: French, Granola and Porridge

MEXICANOS– 131 Victoria Street

Does this need an intro? This place NEVER fails me- except when it’s too bloody popular to get a seat. The food is incredible, and very well priced, and the atmosphere is perfect for any night of the week. I particularly love a good Mexican fiesta- you can hire moustaches and hats from the restaurant for a couple $$ and really get your siesta on.

MY TOP 3: Fried Chicken, Potato Skins and Chicken Tacos. I also should make a notable mention that their Rosé Sangria is my desert island drink, who needs water?

DUX CENTRAL– 6 Poplar Lane

Quite possibly my favourite post-earthquake food place (coming in tie to Little High), Dux Central caters for EVERYONE. The menu is huge and well-priced, and the location is perfect. I’ve never not been able to get a table but that being said, it’s always humming. I particularly love an afternoon drink or 15 on the second floor!

MY TOP 3: Jerked Chicken Nachos, Rhubarb Fizz mocktail, Chicken Tacos.

ROLLICKIN GELATO– The Arts Centre and New Regent Street.

Is this one cheating because they pretty much only sell one thing- but in multiple flavours? I’m gonna count it anyway, because I’m currently spending at least 50% of my wage there. Last week I went FOUR TIMES. I don’t even know what it is about Rollickin (which I mistakenly read as Rock-a-lick-in for about a year) but it could be the fact that their staple flavours are to die for, and their seasonals will knock you off your feet. They update their FB Pages with a new flavour every few days, but be QUICK AS HECK, because they always sell out.

MY TOP 3: Salted Caramel, Yogi Bear and Hazel-Eyes*

*limited edition; but they can bring that back now yep cool tysm

WELLES STREET– 44 Welles Street… duh.

What Welles Street does well, they do bloody well. They’re almost a Greek food spin off, and everything I’ve had from there so far has been PERFECTO- that being said, I haven’t had much because I order the same thing every damn time. The atmosphere of this place is so bloody funky, and although you still go to the counter to order, the experience is much more personalised and I always feel very well looked after.

MY TOP 3: The fries… with the feta…, Chicken Souvlaki and the Hibiscus Heartbreaker/Frozen Margarita

COSTAS TAVERNA– 3/478 Cranford Street

Some would say I’m biased, because this place was my very first job. But in the 9ish months I was there, I saw a LOT of happy faces and ate a LOT of the damn stuff. Costas is great, authentic and tasty Greek food, and the perfect place to head if you need to impress everyone. It’s also out in the suburbs so is much more low-key and family friendly!

MY TOP 3: Flaming Saganaki, Chicken Souvlaki and Lamb Salata

WOW. I’m done. So I hope you’re happy and hungry now!! I’m still CONSTANTLY trying new places so if you know of any goodies, you’ve seen a fav on here or you go to visit one- please get in contact, I love hearing from you!


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