HOW TO: apply false lashes

Hi babes!

I get asked A LOT how to apply false lashes. I think as makeup becomes a lot more about fun and more widely accepted, people like to get glam more frequently- and this includes lashes!!

Now, if you’ve ever tried to apply these babies without any outside assistance you’ll know… it’s a little confusing.

You might glue your eye shut, totally miss, not adhere them properly or stick them in your eye. Either of the above or a combo will usually result in a millimetre of the band FLAPPIN round your eye for the entire day and driving you #nuts.

SOOOOO, I thought I’d simplify it, and add pictures- because we all love pictures.

Enjoy x


– Lash Adhesive. I use DUO Striplash Adhesive in CLEAR. I find clear to be more forgiving and I get a little wiggle-room with the timings on this one.

– Liner. You can 150% apply lashes without liner, but if you’re out here practising, I wouldn’t recommend. I love the Maybelline Curvitude Liner OR MAC Brushstroke. Both are easy to apply and really BLACK.

– Mascara. Optional, but highly recommended.

– A tool. You can use curlers, tweezers or a dedicated lash tool. Anything to clamp your natural lash with the falsie.

– LASHES. Duh. For 90% of my personal looks I opt for the EVE Lashes range. They’re NZ owned and operated so have reliable, fast shipping and beautiful lashes. What I love most however is how THIN & CLEAR the band is. This is very important. The thinner the band, the more flexible, which results in a comfortable long wearing lash. It also means the falsie is likely to be very lightweight, which also helps with the whole ‘GET THIS THING OFF MY EYE’ at 3am thing.. if you’d like to try EVE Lashes use my code ‘KASIA15’ at checkout to save some $$$*


– Remove. To take your lashes out of the packet with minimal damage, place your thumb over the entire lash and push down and away from the packet. This minimises stretching and distorting the lash.

– Line. If you’re going to wear eyeliner, apply that now.

– Trim. Hold the lash to your eye (shortest end towards the inner corner) and check that the OUTER corner doesn’t over hang. If anything, you’re better for the lash to be a little too short than too long. Trim from the longest end.


– Glue. Using anything really, just not a cotton tip, apply a thin, even layer of lash glue to the band. Focus it on the base of the band and the edges (where it will actually stick to your lashline), rather than slathering the top of the lashes. Focus a tiny extra bit on the ends.

– Wait. VERY IMPORTANT. If using DUO glue, you want to wait about 30-45 seconds for the glue to go tacky. If the glue is too ‘wet’ it will slide around the eye area and never stick. If it’s too dry, well it won’t stick.

– Apply. Look down into a handheld mirror and holding the lash in the center, come from your forehead down ON TOP of your existing lashes. Place the center as close to the lashline as possible then adhere the 2 ends. Once that’s done, use a lash tool or tweezers to ‘push’ the lash band down and in towards your lid.

– Clamp. Sounds creepy, huh. Use a lash tool, lash curler or tweezers to ‘squeeze’ your natural lash and the false lashes together so there is no awkward gap.


– Liner. If you’re wearing eyeliner, draw a fine line over the lash band to disguise any excess glue.

– Mascara. If you’d also like to wear mascara (I’d recommend) apply this now. You won’t need much, just a tiny bit to blend the lashes together.

Flutter those babies everywhere!

In lashes,

Kas x

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