My worst relationship yet.

About 18 months ago, on the 27th January 2016, my best friend Vanessa and I were one half of a nasty car accident.

We were driving down QEII Drive in my lil trusty Mitsubishi Colt when an approaching driver crossed the centre line, clipping a moving truck ahead of us and spinning her way towards the drivers side of my car.

I cannot tell you what an out of body feeling it is when you KNOW something bad is about to happen but you simply can’t do anything about it.

Fast forward to now and I’m here to tell you about my worst relationship yet: my health and fitness.

When I was in school I joined our rowing team. We started really small, competing at a very amateur level (mainly just for fun) and progressively grew until our squad had multiplied by almost 5. This wasn’t my first stint with sport; I’d played soccer (badly), did trampolining (just for a laugh) and had a good go at netball (Mum was the manager, Aunty was the coach- you get the jist).

I’m simply not inclined to be sporty and I am A-OK with that. But I tried. And I wasn’t like holy shit god awful, I was just pretty awful.

Anywho- rowing took up a huge part of my school life. It wasn’t until mid way through my last year that I stopped, along with all my fitness. I lost a few kgs (muscle) but wasn’t concerned because well… 17 year old metabolism.

Then came the real world. 2 days before I was set to actually ‘start life’ and begin my Diploma of Makeup Artistry.. said car accident happened.

It wasn’t a big deal at the time. I was REALLY sore for about a week and struggled to gain confidence in driving again (fair). I also battled my way through the first days of course with severe whiplash and a bruised chest. Other than that: fine. Doctors gave us both the go-ahead to head home (via McDonalds) and we recovered in our own time. X-Rays were clear.

A few months later – let’s say six – I was working a few freelance jobs with my big fancy sign that said ‘IM A QUALIFIED MUA’ (metaphorical sign… people) and I noticed my back getting increasingly sore. Not unusual in my line of work, but a pain nonetheless. After a few consistent weeks of a niggle or 5, I (mum) made the call to go get checked by the physio. A few scans later and multiple massages we worked out we were dealing with Scheuermann’s Disease. Not contagious, not even scary, to put it simply I have a mild spinal deformity which, as I’ve grown up, has caused more pain than usual. A little bit of an asshole if you ask me. I was told that regular massage and a few ‘exercises’ would help it.

At this stage- KFC is still my best friend and the furthest I run is to get my phone charger.

Fast forward (real forward) to present day. After noticing zero improvement in my back pain (if anything it got worse) I visited a new physio WHO IS A LEGEND. He told it to me VERY straight. “Kasia, you just need to join a gym..” or something like that. Hahahahahhaa OH HELL. I DON’T GYM. I DON’T EVEN WALK. Heckers.

BUT it’s a thing I had to do and so goddamn I did it. I was put on a rehab program at my local Anytime Fitness which made the transition much easier. It was 90% strength work and a TIIIIIIINY bit of cardio (self inflicted mostly) which meant I could ease into it slowly, and have been going at it *almost* three times a week since late February.

It’s made an ENORMOUS difference to my back. Like CRAZY. I barely feel any pain now and there’s no other explanation except my physio was right… it’s gym time.

The hard part however is committing to the #fit #healthy #gymlife #weights lifestyle. It’s been so long and I’ll admit to you, I’m struggling.

My rehab programme ends in 3 weeks and after that I’m free to do whatever I want at the gym so I’m currently exploring my options. In the meantime, I’m also planning (trying) to get my eating habits in check to match. Not to lose weight, not to do on a fad diet, just to be all round much healthier and feel better within myself.

I’ve recently been very lucky to trial the Craft Smoothie Superfood box- which conveniently delivers 10 smoothies to your door. You can choose to get it weekly or fortnightly, and I really really loved it. It was so handy to have all the ingredients ready to blitz when I got the peckish feeling, but the fruit and veg also lasted over 2 weeks in my fridge so I wasn’t committed to drinking one everyday! The recipes are packed full of superfoods (all prepackaged) and taste DAMN GOOD. You can try your first box with $5 off using the code ‘KASIA’ if you’d like- by the way 😉 #notsponsoredjustgreat

Aside from that, Matt and I are going to TRY and meal prep some of our food for the next wee while. I eat out a LOT, I am aware, but so much of that is due to my job and 150% of my meetings being in cafe’s where its WAY too tempting…

So that’s me and my health & fitness (in a very large nutshell). Random to be writing about this kind of stuff because it has never been very ‘me’, but I’m excited to share so that I’ve got you lot to hold me accountable.

If you’ve got any epic suggestions that you think will get me on track, my DM’s are always open..

IN FITNESS (because I’m gonna get there one day),

Kas x

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