Here comes the Sun.



If July was your ‘meh’ month, much like a lot of us, I hope you spent your August 1st doing something you love.

Because with a literal setting of a July sun, and a fresh August sky; the month was over, and so was it all.

July was a LONG month for me. It seemed to drag out for too long, and I really couldn’t wait to see it through.

It started with a HOOT- I spent a few days up in Auckland with my best friends and industry gals shooting for my Honey and Glow collaboration (launching soon!!) and eating my way around the city. I almost didn’t accept the collaboration offer- for reasons personal to me- and I’m so so glad I did. I figured that opportunity only knocks once, and sometimes the path I originally was walking wasn’t intended for me. I’m so excited to share it with you when it launches, it’s got so much heart and love poured into it and I know you’ll love it.

Then Matt and I headed down south for our ‘Queenstown Annual’ and a bit of ‘us’ time. We stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Heritage and again, ate our way around the city. Queenstown is my favourite place in NZ, and I consider myself very lucky that I’m so close and it’s so accessible to me. Even just the small things, like coffee and cheese puffs at Postmasters in Arrowtown, reminded me how important it is to stop, take a breath and reevaluate every now and then.

One of my childhood (is high school considered childhood) friends celebrated a milestone birthday, and I was flooded with feelings of love and hilarity, as we chatted about the things we ‘used’ to do. Life moves so quickly, and it’s vital that we don’t forget about the things that once made our hearts sing.

I realised (and I do this frequently) the importance of loving the people that love you. Of taking notice at who claps when you win, and treating them with the same compassion as they do you. I’m very lucky, I have some of the best friends in the world (unbiased opinion), but even then I know I get too caught up in myself sometimes to remember that. My family are my absolute rocks, and I am lucky enough to see them every day. They’re some of my biggest supporters and biggest critics and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I worked on some EPIC collaborations with some seriously cool perks of the job (namely food) and met amazing people along the way. I consider myself lucky to an extent, but am also aware that the reality of the word ‘luck’ is that I’ve actually worked hard for these things, and I need to consider that every now and then. It’s all good and well to hop skip and jump because you’re ‘lucky’, but the past version of you needs some credit too.

I had to swallow a bit (lot) of pride last month. It was something I’d always thought I’d really struggle to do- but the fact is that in the moment, what you think are the ‘complexities’ of life are really, really small things that don’t matter in the slightest. Being the bigger person is the most relieving experience ever, and if you haven’t tried it yet- I suggest you do.

I fought a bit too- for myself and against myself. I let my emotions get the better of me maybe 3 (?) too many times and it resulted in having to work harder to gain back what I’d lost. I learnt a lot about thinking about how it’ll effect others before I ‘make moves’, and forgiving myself for a mistake every now and then.

Words are extremely powerful and humans are extremely fragile.

I also took on some serious challenges (namely GYM lol) and decided to do something for myself to better myself. The belief that life gets better with zero work is pathetic. Work hard, work consistently and reap the rewards. Starting at F45 has been the BEST thing I’ve done for myself this year. With no agenda, I’ve decided to get my health and fitness back on track and not only am I healthier, more energised and *slightly* fitter, but I’ve met new people and had a lot of fun doing it. I’d seriously recommend it to ANYONE of any fitness level- at any stage in their life.

Some heavy stuff happened in July too, and I spent weeks reminding myself that ‘this too shall pass’ and in the mean time the priority was looking after myself and the people I love.

The strongest and most important lesson I took from July is that it’s okay to take your time. To sit and stare at the same 4cm space on the wall every now and then, and to switch off. It’s vital to your recovery. I spent a huge chunk of July with my out of office on my emails, my website with a few mothballs and a bigger gap between IG posts. I lost a little bit of spark, and that’s okay. Because I picked myself back up, forgave myself and accepted that sometimes that happens, and walked into August with the power of positive manifestation- already making the first 10 days of this month better than the last. It took a long time for me to accept the fact that yeah, life is hard, but everything that happens teaches you something, and it’s up to me what I do with those teachings. So here they are, written out for you in hope that even one of these reminds you to hug your best friend tighter, tell your mum how much you love her or push you to challenge the status quo and do something greater. Here’s to August x

With love,

Kas x


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