Okay FIRST OFF- a disclaimer. I’m not totally blonde 😂 but I’m a HECK of a lot blonder than 6 months ago, and I’m probably just going to get blonder from here!


Let’s start back in the hay days, circa maybe 2008 (??!) when my mum *kindly* told me I probably needed to sort my life out and get a chop.

INTRODUCING… Pure Hair and Body.

Initially a Stanmore Road customer, I’ve followed Pip, Liv and the team at Pure to over 5 locations over the past 10 years, and after ONE (read: only one) unloyal stint at another Christchurch hairdresser, I made a pact to NEVER stray away again.

Their difference lies within their passion. Sure, everyone who does a job they love is passionate about it- and quite often excited to get up and do it- but this lot goes beyond that. Liv’s been my ‘colourist’ since my first ‘flamboyage’ in 2015 and I’ve never met someone more obsessed with what they do. Not only does she care about how colour and hair work, but she makes sure she explains to you why and how she does her colours- and she cares a damn lot about how they make you feel.


I’ve always had pretty nice hair- I’m quite lucky. People constantly asked me where I got it coloured and were veeeery annoyed to find out it was natural. At high school, I did one box dye job to give myself ‘red highlights’ (no image attached for security reasons..) but apart from that, I’ve been pretty basic.

My hair doesn’t require a lot of attention, so I was a frequent joke to the team because I would probably only visit maybe once or twice a year, MAX, versus my mum (who is v high maintenance).

BUT ALAS. TIMES HAVE CHANGED. (and now I’m more maintenance than ever).

I made a very weird *Steph Claire Smith* decision to chop a fringe AND dye my hair dark (??) in January this year. To be honest, I loved it beyond words at the time and I still consider it one of my favourite hair do’s of all time- but times do change.

After wearing it for a bit I decided that the combination of dark brown hair and bangs was just a LITTLE too strong on my facial features (and pale skin) so to Liv’s dismay, we began the long trek back to my OG colour.. without damage.


Olaplex is literally MAGIC. I mean, I spent the first 2 years pronouncing it op-a-lex and presuming it was a purple shampoo *face palm its clear* but now that I’ve seen the light side, I don’t know how I lived without it.

For those as oblivious as me, Olaplex is a bond repairer. There’s 3 steps to the process- steps 1 and 2 which are salon strength so only available at your local, and step 3 which is the take home version- and the important one. Depending on your hair journey, Olaplex may be recommended or added to your routine for multiple reasons. Mine was to repair the bonds damaged by bleaching my hair to get it lighter. Liv explains it like this: if you stare at a brick wall, likelihood is you won’t notice that the ‘stuff’ (very technical term) holding the bricks together erodes over time. Think of your hair as bricks and the bonds as the ‘stuff’. Olaplex helps to repair those bonds, making your hair/brick wall stronger- meaning it can take a lot more colour than hair that hasn’t been Olaplexed.

I live for it, and have used it at least once a week since we made the move back to my original colour, then over to the blonde side, and it blows my mind that my hair is still in great condition and I have had very minimal breakage through the process- props to my hairdresser too, she’s pretty cool.


So I am VERY excited to try the newest Olaplex products, the first additions to the lineup in a LONG time. Olaplex 4 and 5… please take the stage.

Olaplex No4 (Shampoo) will restore internal strength and moisture (particularly caused by at home styling tools), creating soft and shiny hair well past salon appointments!!

Olaplex No5 (Conditioner) eliminates frizz and damaged for your strongest hair yet. They’re both paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free AND vegan- and can be used on all hair types (up to once daily!).


I can’t wait to share with you the rest of my journey with Olaplex and Pure, knowing me, it’ll be a wild one.

In #happyhairdays,

Kas x

* all Olaplex products can be purchased in store at Pure on Colombo Street or online at

* this level of colour (dark to light) usually cannot be achieved in one sitting

* this is a collaboration with Pure Hair and Body


  1. Your hair is only as good as your hairdresser!!! If you want to embark on a hair journey like Kasia its so important to really listen to the OLAPLEX MESSAGE here 👆🏻 Because with the chemical overload in most products (and our C-city water) I don’t want to be doing anyone’s hair that I haven’t given a hair script to.


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