Grateful has been a hot word in my vocabulary this past month. An August full of highs & lows means I’ve been paying very close attention to the things I hold dear.

But as we FINALLY get ready to see the back end of Winter- a season that always drains all my motivation and drive- I’m lucky that I have a few things I’m VERY grateful for.

1. A steady work flow

In a job like mine, I almost rely solely on the seasons and the money other people have. Makeup is a luxury, and getting your makeup done- well that’s a real treat. I’m so lucky to have clients that come back time and time again, and side hustles that keep me busy and creative at all times.

2. My tight-five

I’ve watched way too many games of rugby this year- and I’ve bloody got tight-five stuck in my head so let’s just roll with it. There’s a few more than 5 of them, but I’m so grateful for my people. The ones that understand just how I tick and know exactly what to say and when to say it. Friendships like these are second to none, and I’m very lucky to have a handful of them. If you’ve got a super man/woman in your life- I highly suggest you go give them a squeeze. They’re pretty fucking important.

3. Local girl and guy babes

I’ve worked with a bunch of brands over the past year- whether makeup related or not- and I’ll tell you something for nothing. I’ll forever support brands that support me. I have a handful (mostly here in Christchurch) that not only treat me like a human (YAAAAY) but support me, push me and drive me so that as they succeed, I do too. It’s a big one and if you get it, you get it.

4. My health

Both physically and mentally- I’m so grateful for my health. I’ve gone almost an entire winter without getting sick, and after seeing some harrowing statistics I’m grateful for my mental health too. It’s a taboo subject here in little ol NZ- and it shouldn’t be. There’s a lot I can say, and I will, but as a recent post said, if you’re going to be #yeahtheboys or #yeahthegirls, make sure you actually are.

5. Huge opportunities

ICYMI, I recently was selected to fly to Sydney to meet Elle Ferguson. Not only is she STUNNING, she’s also ridiculously talented and I’m lucky enough to be able to sit with her and discuss my dreams and goals in a mentor session. She’s been a role model of mine for years now, and if you remember far enough back I asked over on my makeup story if anyone knew of any Australasian mentors that were a little more ‘in touch’ with the social media world than most. Let’s just say I reckon I’ll tick that box- and some- come September.

6. RJ’s Licorice Straps

Just as a little light-hearted touch- and to make me giggle when I revisit this post- I’m SO GRATEFUL FOR RJ’s. I’m addicted to these things, and probably eat at least 3 a day lol.

7. You 🙂

Yeah, you!!! I’m grateful (HUGELY) for the support, love and kindness of strangers I have literally NEVER met. I’m grateful for the ones I have come across too- that stop to say hi and have a conversation. But I’m stupidly thankful for all the messages, comments and emails telling me what my blog posts etc etc mean to you. Is this cringe? Yeah probably. Love ya anyway 🖤

In gratefulness and love,

Kas x

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